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Al Riyazi Tours
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Al-Riyazi Tours started services in 2010, We have evaluated and made intensive research in Haj and Umrah field, focusing on providing best possible services to the revered guest of ALLAH at Al-Riyazi Tours. We are a dedicated team fully committed towards providing specialized services based on our motto, “To excel in the field”, to the extent that nothing can be even remotely comparable to our services. Our motivation stems from the adherence to the norms of hospitality and excellence.
Address- G13, Capital Commercial Complex, Kausar Baug, Pune-48.
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It is upon reaching the age of puberty that a person, man or woman, becomes legally responsible under Islamic Law.  At this point, they are allowed to make their own decisions and are held accountable for their actions.  It should also be mentioned that in Islam, it is unlawful to force someone to marry someone that they do not want to marry.  The evidence shows that c Ai sh ah's marriage to the Prophet Mu h ammad (P) was one which both parties and their families agreed upon.  Based on the culture at that time, no one saw anything wrong with it.  On the contrary, they were all happy about it.

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