What is your identity essay

While there is no mandatory identity card in India, the Aadhaar card, a multi-purpose national identity card, carrying 16 personal details and a unique identification number are available to all citizens since 2007. The card contains a photograph, full name, date of birth and a unique, randomly generated 12-digit National Identification Number . However, the card itself is rarely required as proof; the number or a copy of the card being sufficient. The card has a SCOSTA QR code embedded on the card, through which all the details on the card are accessible. [21] In addition to Aadhaar, PAN cards, Ration cards , Voter Cards and driving licences are also used. These may be issued by either the Government of India or the Government of any state, and are valid throughout the nation.

Your written request should clearly identify the information that you feel is inaccurate or incomplete and should include copies of any available proof or supporting documentation to support your claim. For example, if your disposition information is incorrect or missing, you may submit documentation obtained from the court having control over the arrest or the office prosecuting the offense. The FBI will contact appropriate agencies in an attempt to verify or correct challenged entries for you. Upon receipt of an official communication from the agency with control over the data, the FBI will make appropriate changes and notify you of the outcome.

What is your identity essay

what is your identity essay


what is your identity essaywhat is your identity essaywhat is your identity essaywhat is your identity essay