Trip to the zoo essay

The zoological parks are so vast that it is very difficult to describe all the cages and enclosures fully. After taking a complete round of the zoo, we relaxed for some time in a cool and beautiful garden nearby. The fragrance of the flowers was tremendously intoxicating. Then we had snacks and drinks, which refreshed us very much. It was evening and the sun was setting. We came out of the zoo like many other visitors. We boarded the bus while casting our last and lingering look at the zoo, which is surrounded on one side by the old but majestic wall of the old fort, which, no doubt, added to the beauty and grandeur of the zoo.

Take the 'humans' out of this equation and there won't be a problem, yes dogs are persistant and some need to be monitered around small kids and physically removed at to normalize this type of behaviour and get it accepted by the population is what pedophiles do, I'm saddened that many people think this is all ok, that screwing horses is not that out there. These men are looking for a new thrill so molesting horses does it for them as holierthanthou puts it perfectly, these horses were trained to do this and obviously held in bondage to do as otherwise the horse would could imagine a horse would get pretty angry at being put in this position not turned on as some may think. Can't feel any compassion for the man who got ruptured and died, what did he expect?These men are basically animal rapists, what gives them the right to do this to another creature?The documentary concentrates on avoidance of the real issues of animal rape kind of making the whole subject even more elusive and possibly for some people enticing.

Trip to the zoo essay

trip to the zoo essay


trip to the zoo essaytrip to the zoo essaytrip to the zoo essaytrip to the zoo essay