Time to relax essay

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Everybody has that one place they go when they need time to relax. I have found out over the years that my favorite place to relax is in Prior Lake, Minnesota at Sandy Point Lake. Whenever I go to Sandy Point Lake, I always hear, smell, and see multiple things that always puts me in a better mood. Overall a trip to the lake can be a relaxing get away from the everyday stresses of life.
The multiple sounds that you hear, things that you smell, and different things that you see at the lake allow me to go home stress free. I love running to the nearest convenience store to buy bread and feed the scaup’s and the geese’s in the lake. Sometimes I just like to put my feet in the water and watch and listen to things around me. One of the first things that caught my eye is the reflection of the beaming sun into the water. I see boats and jet skis speeding across the lake making big waves. The waves are my favorite thing to watch. I like seeing them roll into the shore crashing into the sand. If I look over towards the beach I see kids of all ages running into the water to try and jump over the waves. I like it, when there is just enough of a cool breeze to see the trees dance. Hearing the trees dance in the wind puts me to sleep. While I am at the lake I like to grill with my friend which leads to my favorite smell. You first see the smoke of the charcoal burning, than you hear the flames of the fire warming up the grill, than the smell of food cooking on the grill. Once the food has started to cook you can hear the juices sizzling off of the hamburgers running down to the charcoal. There are multiple things that I feel while at the lake that just calms me. You can almost always feel the burning hot sun beating down on you. Right before I am about to go home for the day, I like to go for a nice cooling swim in the lake. Swimming is always fun and makes me feel relaxed when I am done.
There are multiple reasons why I consider going to be lake for relaxation. Walking...

Time to relax essay

time to relax essay


time to relax essaytime to relax essaytime to relax essaytime to relax essay