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In 1852, the voters of Edinburgh offered to re-elect him to Parliament. He accepted on the express condition that he need not campaign and would not pledge himself to a position on any political issue. Remarkably, he was elected on those terms. [28] He seldom attended the House due to ill health. His weakness after suffering a heart attack caused him to postpone for several months making his speech of thanks to the Edinburgh voters. He resigned his seat in January 1856. [29] In 1857 he was raised to the peerage as Baron Macaulay , of Rothley in the County of Leicester , [30] but seldom attended the House of Lords . [29]

What these people do is connivce you to download a small program called a RAT (Remote Administration Trojan). A RAT is a trojan which silently installs a program called a server , and gives the attacker, who uses a program called a client , to control your computer remotely. Although RATs can be used for legitimate purposes, they are most often used , unless you can trick them into transferring a file from your computer to theirs, you can’t give them a virus. If the attacker is a script kiddie (n00b), then he might not be using proxy or VPN, and his IP address will be visible. If you know the IP, you can DoS him (send him massive amounts of random internet traffic, essentially clogging up his internet), or report him to the police. Although the latter would be more LEGAL, the first would be a lot more fun, or lulz as they call , many people like this use Linux, which is almost impossible to infect. If they use Windows and are not experts, I’d try to hustle them. Make them think you don’t know shit about computers. Now tell them you think a virus is in a certain program, and name that program something like pr0n_ . But make this program be, or contain, a server file for a RAT of your own (I suggest DarkComet, my personal favorite). If they upload it to their computer and run it, then YOU’LL be the one in control! Bwahahaha!Also, just because your mouse doesn’t move on its own doesn’t mean they aren’t controlling your computer. Plenty can be done to it without the victim even knowing. In fact, DarkComet has a creepy option where you simply right click on the victim’s icon (once you’re connected), and go to retrieve passwords . Several seconds later, a list of account names and their passwords show up. So yeah, they could easily connect, steal your personal info, disconnect, and clean the infection so you’d never even know what they are any good, they’ll know you are running in a virtual machine. I once connected with someone using a RAT (DarkComet), and as soon as they opened the server file I got a notification on my computer saying something like A new computer is online. Computer name: John (Win XP Sp2, Dell XPS). IP (France) . If he were in a virtual machine, the first part would be something like Computer name: John (Win XP Sp2, Oracle VirtualBox) . That way they’d know you are in a virtualized copy of Windows, and would be more careful as a there is no practical way to get revenge like this, it is easy enough to avoid being a victim of a backdoor trojan. If you are too attached to Windows, you’re mostly out of luck. Even Mac is getting its fair-share of malware, and especially RATs now days. Only Linux is secure enough. There is not a single backdoor trojan made of Linux! If you still want to stick with Micro$oft, follow this advice:- Use anti-spyware and anti-virus (I suggest you use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware alongside whatever other program you choose).- Set up and use a firewall. While this alone won’t protect you from infection, it will grant resistance to malicious communication between your computer and the internet, thus reducing the spread of malware or helping to interfere with a botnet trojan’s communication with the CC center.- Don’t run untrustworthy executable files. Executable files include EXE, SCR, COM, BAT, VBS, and several others. Files that can contain executable code include PDF, WMV, all archives (7z, ZIP, RAR, TAR), and others. If you absolutely have to run a potentially malicious file, run it in a sandbox. Many antivirus programs have the option to use this. If you KNOW it’s highly malicious and you don’t want to take the chance of it breaking out of the sandbox (which is rare but it still happens), then run it in a virtualized OS.

Following his death, the monks prepared his body for burial. It was discovered that Becket had worn a hairshirt under his archbishop's garments. Soon the faithful throughout Europe began venerating Becket as a martyr. Henry had lost the argument and was abused throughout Europe. In 1173—barely three years after his death—Becket was canonized by Pope Alexander III. On July 12, 1174 Henry humbled himself with public penance at Becket's tomb, which became one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in England. Henry was forced to give in on the problem of criminous clerks, and this fundamental concession would create problems between church and state right down to the Reformation.

Thomas babington macaulay essays

thomas babington macaulay essays


thomas babington macaulay essaysthomas babington macaulay essaysthomas babington macaulay essaysthomas babington macaulay essays