Scholarly sources for research papers

The ESP site is dedicated to the electronic publishing of scientific and other scholarly materials. Of particular interest are the history of science, genetics, computational biology, and genome research.

The site will undergo major changes throughout 1998, as significant efforts to enlarge the Classical Genetics section will be underway. Funding for the expansion of the Classical Genetics section has been provided by the US Department of Energy as part of its commitment to supporting educational activities related to its Human Genome Project . For a description of the ESP Classical Genetics project and a commentary on how it relates to public awareness and understanding of the Human Genome Project, read the NARRATIVE from the original ESP grant proposal to the DOE. If you wonder what the Department of Energy has to do with genome research, read To Know Ourselves , a history of the origins of the Human Genome Project. Comments and suggestions for future development are always welcome: rjr8222@ Biographical Information for R. Robbins Personal Data biographical material and contact information (address, telephone, etc.)   SHARE THIS PAGE WITH OTHERS

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28 Aug 2013
Hosted at KU/NHM

Scholarly sources for research papers

scholarly sources for research papers


scholarly sources for research papersscholarly sources for research papersscholarly sources for research papersscholarly sources for research papers