Research proposals writing

Many doctoral students in anthropology may not have access to models of what a fundable dissertation proposal looks like. This page provides examples of successful proposals, with an emphasis on grants for dissertation research. The impetus for making these proposal available was my seminar in research design. But I'd like the list to grow and to become a resource for students in anthropology everywhere. If you or your students are willing to share funded proposals -- to NSF, Wenner-Gren, SSRC, Fulbright, or other agencies -- please consider sending them to me, and I will make them available here. Contributions from all subfields of anthropology are welcome.
NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants Cultural Anthropology Program

Under the initiative called “ShodhGangotri” , research scholars / research supervisors in universities are requested to deposit electronic version of approved synopsis submitted by research scholars to the universities for registering themselves for the programme. The repository on one hand, would reveal the trends and directions of research being conducted in Indian universities, on the other hand it would avoid duplication of research. Synopsis in “ShodhGangotri” would later be mapped to full-text theses in "ShodhGanga" . As such, once the full-text thesis is submitted for a synopsis, a link to the full-text theses would be provided from ShodhGangotri to "ShodhGanga"

Research proposals writing

research proposals writing


research proposals writingresearch proposals writingresearch proposals writingresearch proposals writing