Quieter than snow essay

These cartoons, and all the cartoons from the same tradition, seemed doomed to play for a week and then disappear (although sometimes there would be a collection of "Five Color Cartoons" before a kiddie matinee, and London's Piccadilly Circus had a theater that played only cartoons). Then, just as the studios pulled the plug on cartoon shorts, color TV came along to give them a new life, and now on cable and DVD they seem immortal. There are two ways to regard them: As silly little entertainments, or as an art form that in its own small way, its limitations permitting an infinity of imagination, approaches perfection.

And, finally, in a surprisingly funny essay that unapologetically announced itself as "Parenting Advice from the Childless Voice of Reason," Aussa Lorens writes about what parents need to stop doing-- and explains why. For example, Lorens addresses how parents need to stop insisting that their child is going through a phase because  "They're not ‘going through a phase’… Stop saying stuff like this ‘I'm so sorry; he's not usually like this. He must be tired/hungry/going through an Oedipal phase where I must ignore my husband and devote myself exclusively to my offspring. Remember all those times you helped your drunk friend home from the bar after $3 Wine Wednesday? It's time to put those skills back to use. Your growing bundle of joy is basically a miniature sorority girl who can't figure out how to use her Uber app and just wants someone to give her French fries and tell her she's pretty."

Quieter than snow essay

quieter than snow essay


quieter than snow essayquieter than snow essay