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Since they do not mention what motherboard was used it loos like one of the motherboard makers provided their Core i9 7900X sample. Much like what I am experiencing with our test-setup the X299 platform still needs a lot of tweaks and updates to get perf up-to snuff. There are no photos posted of the processor published. Despite us being in exactly the same scenario, we will abide the NDA date on Monday before we publish our own results out of respect to the partner that provided us our sample, plain and simple. Check out the review, below some of the benchmarks Hexus published . Give them a visit and be sure to read their content.

Epidemiology of gestational diabetes mellitus according to IADPSG/WHO 2013 criteria among obese pregnant women in Europe
Aoife M. Egan, Akke Vellinga, Jürgen Harreiter, David Simmons, Gernot Desoye, Rosa Corcoy, Juan M. Adelantado, Roland Devlieger, Andre Van Assche, Sander Galjaard, Peter Damm, Elisabeth R. Mathiesen, Dorte M. Jensen, Liselotte Andersen, Annuziata Lapolla, Maria G. Dalfrà, Alessandra Bertolotto, Urszula Mantaj, Ewa Wender-Ozegowska, Agnieszka Zawiejska, David Hill, Judith G. M. Jelsma, Frank J. Snoek, Christof Worda, Dagmar Bancher-Todesca, Mireille N. M. van Poppel, Alexandra Kautzky-Willer, Fidelma P. Dunne, on behalf of the DALI Core Investigator group

Published reviews of books

published reviews of books


published reviews of bookspublished reviews of bookspublished reviews of bookspublished reviews of books