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The chief cause of our natural unwillingness to admit that one species has given birth to other and distinct species, is that we are always slow in admitting any great changes of which we do not see the steps. The difficulty is the same as that felt by so many geologists, when Lyell first insisted that long lines of inland cliffs had been formed, and great valleys excavated, by the agencies which we still see at work. The mind cannot possibly grasp the full meaning of the term of even a million years; it cannot add up and perceive the full effects of many slight variations, accumulated during an almost infinite number of generations.

I often times use the internet to learn from other peoples perspectives in my free time and I happened to find this article, After reading this article i was really impressed that someone was able to describe and define the way I think so accurately. I never really had a definition or name to describe my style of thinking and now i do. I often times take comfort in knowing that, although many people around me think much differently than i do, there are people out there that understand and experience a similar way of thinking. Thanks for creating and sharing this article you did a great job.

Practical thinker

practical thinker


practical thinkerpractical thinkerpractical thinkerpractical thinker