Portfolio narrative essay

Submit only projects on which you played a key creative role as director, cinematographer or editor; be sure to clearly indicate the role you played on each project. Portfolio work is only accepted via link to Vimeo. You can email your link to filmportfolio@ . Be sure to include your full name in the email. In the written statement accompanying your application, keep in mind that we are particularly interested in learning what inspires you to make films, what sorts of films you want to make and a brief description of your favorite filmmakers.

The professor feared our project was too ambitious. Even now, it is difficult to say if this was true. My team meshed together well, but like any fabric, there were bound to be rips. We were almost torn to shreds the last few weeks: sleepless nights, arguments piling up, parts not working, and families tested to the limits of their patience. But our sacrifice paid off. Among 21 teams from civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as a whole considered to be the best group in the history of the competition, we won the grand prize. At the awards banquet, almost every professor, student, and industry invitee told us that we should get a patent as soon as possible.

Portfolio narrative essay

portfolio narrative essay


portfolio narrative essayportfolio narrative essayportfolio narrative essayportfolio narrative essay