Political socialisation essay

Like other arts it deals with the various aspects of the life and tells us how and in w hat way we should lead our life. It also tells us how we can become better citizens and w hat are our rights and duties. So it will not be wrong to call it an art also. Buckle goes to the extent of calling it most backward of all the arts. But at the same time the scientific nature of Political Science cannot be denied. Lord Bryce has equated Political Science with the science of Meteorology. Sir Frederick Pollock compares it with the science of morals. He rightly affirms, "political science must and does exist, if it were only for the reputation of absurd political theories and projects."

Regardless of the socialization tactics utilized, formal orientation programs can facilitate understanding of company culture , and introduces new employees to their work roles and the organizational social environment. Formal orientation programs may consist of lectures, videotapes, and written material, while other organizations may rely on more usual approaches. More recent approaches such as computer-based orientations and Internets have been used by organizations to standardize training programs across branch locations. A review of the literature indicates that orientation programs are successful in communicating the company's goals, history, and power structure. [24]

Political socialisation essay

political socialisation essay


political socialisation essaypolitical socialisation essaypolitical socialisation essaypolitical socialisation essay