Part iii essay list

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Granger refers to the lessons of history indirectly in two ways. He talks fondly of his grandfather, from whom he took the lesson that one must strive to contribute to the world and leave something behind. He also talks of the mythical phoenix and how it continually burned itself and was reborn, only to make the same mistake again and again for lack of memory. Society has taken after the phoenix. After the city is destroyed, those left along the tracks set out to rebuild it. There is hope in this, as these are men who mind the lessons of history.

hi, Stephanie, I took the exam of part 1 and the result arrived and unfortunately, I failed I scored 290 that means a minimum of 250 in MCQ section and have confidence that my essay section was also good but what I did was did not click on the end button during my exam in essay section which I did in MCQ section and let keep going the time until the end of the exam and after the time ended the window disappeared. So my question is whether the essay section has not graded or graded or zero or I am wrong? because my essay section I did was good in the exam and expected a score of mine was at least 70% which means 125*70% = %. Kindly answer.

Part iii essay list

part iii essay list


part iii essay listpart iii essay listpart iii essay listpart iii essay list