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IAS or Indian Administrative Services is perceived by people as highly regarded job in India. This is evident from the fact that more than 200000 people apply for IAS every year out of whom not more than a 1000 or 1500 succeed by receiving appointment orders.

Indian Administrative services or IAS Exam is generally considered as the toughest examination to get through. Civil Services Examination is also known as IAS examination. One survey conducted on Indian Civil Services Exam revealed that it is the second most difficult exam only after French Civil Services test. IAS exam is conducted by UPSC Union Public Service commission, a constitutional body created under Article 315 of the Indian Constitution. The UPSC located in New Delhi, releases all the details regarding Civil Services examination every year in the month of December. Every year more than two lakh students compete for appointment for 1000 posts.

Paper about kony 2012

paper about kony 2012


paper about kony 2012paper about kony 2012paper about kony 2012paper about kony 2012