Olympic wrestling research paper

The rapid rise in the popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) has increased interest in wrestling due to its effectiveness in the sport. [20] It is considered one of three core disciplines in MMA together with kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu . Already in the early stages of MMA development, wrestling gained respect due to its effectiveness against traditional martial artists. Wrestlers, Dan Severn , Don Frye , Mark Coleman , Randy Couture and Mark Kerr went on to win early Ultimate Fighting Tournaments . Ken Shamrock won the first UFC Superfight Championship in the UFC and was also the first King of Pancrase in Japan.

Wrestling had to compete with seven other non-core sports— baseball / softball , squash , karate , sport climbing , wakeboarding , wushu and roller sports —for a place in the 2020 Games. [2] On September 8, 2013, the IOC announced that wrestling had won the bid as a non-core sport and would remain part of the 2020 Summer Olympics. [4] Nenad Lalović, the new president of FILA, was largely credited with bringing the sport back into contention after wrestling made the short list in May. [4] Lalović following the announcement stated, "Normally this is done in a few years, we did it in a few months. It was a question of our survival" and that, "We did all we could, we changed our sport and the federation was successful. We continue to work tomorrow." [4]

Olympic wrestling research paper

olympic wrestling research paper


olympic wrestling research paperolympic wrestling research paperolympic wrestling research paperolympic wrestling research paper