Obese kids essay

I think we are at a real tipping point here. What I hear from people inside the food industry is that the food giants are scared to death right now. The pressure from Wall Street on profits has never been greater. The pressure from consumers for better, healthier products has never been greater . The pressure from the White House to do something to fight obesity is increasing. The other problem they’re having is that they’ve cut way back on the pure science and research that they used to do, and so many of the scientists I’ve talked to are pleading with these companies to start putting more money into inventing new products that both taste good and are healthy. I think that will be key to getting out of this mess we are in.

But… “We’re on the wrong side of history.” kind of rings a bell. We’ve been unbelievably ham-handed in our foreign policy. (Especially since 9/11. The current US adminstration aren’t even good villains — they’re mustache-twirling cartoon oil barons. They *look* like bad guys.) I can’t help but read “When confronted with terror…” and want to translate it into the more blunt, “We’ve been screwing around over there for years — poorly! — and surprise, it blew up in our faces!” We shouldn’t be pushing Christianity to Muslims, setting up dictators and knocking them down 20 years later, ignoring the UN we helped found because it was in our own interest to do so, et cetera. We’re making it easy for terrorist organizations to recruit new are always going to be unhappy people at the bottom of the economic pyramid complaining about rich people, “America the Great Satan”, and so on, but should we be giving them documentary proof of their claims? We help make Marxism / leftism / etc appealing by coming off as a bunch of jerks.

Obese kids essay

obese kids essay


obese kids essayobese kids essayobese kids essayobese kids essay