Nike business ethics essay

I completely agree with the comment of Jovanzapata45.
Actually the major brands who indeed violate the business ethics all the time.
I work in textile manufacturing business and had many experiences of social responsibility implementations. In most of the cases the brands demand one of their suppliers to set up a manufacturing facility with all legal and internationally accepted worker rights are conducted. In reality only a symbolic percentage of whole production quantity are manufactured in that showcase unit. The rest are being produced in other places out of sight.

Nike was the first sports organization to give the names and the addresses of all the factories that they receive products from. This has allowed the nonprofit organizations to check up to ensure that the working conditions have improved and all laws have been take part in to account when employing staff for the job. Nike has to do some CSR to make people around feels grateful by supporting the Nike's activities. Moreover, any dilemma that occurs during the business activity should be settling down professionally in effective and efficient way to make sure that people around feels appreciated and not been a victim of circumstances. In conclusion, Depending on each of theory that is used to analysis, it is called that ethical or unethical. For Worker, their requirement is ethical because of theory of egoism. In contrast, Nike's action is right due to ultilitarism. Right or wrong is not important; the important is Nike need to balance benefits of both sides.

Nike business ethics essay

nike business ethics essay


nike business ethics essaynike business ethics essaynike business ethics essaynike business ethics essay