Leo writing a response essay

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Run for your life Leo sisters! The Aquarius man is a cruel & insecure jerkoff and he will never make you feel like #1!!! Only Libra women can put up with their shit because they are more submissive than a self-sufficient Lioness. We (Leo) women need men that can appreciate our hearts and that believe in love. Most Aquarians don’t even believe in the notion of Love because they are incapable of loving! I have attracted and been attracted to lots of Aquarians and they all have ruined my (love) life! I even put my pride aside and bent over backwards for these unpleasant & selfish jerks. I had the patience, I gave them freedom & space, even tried open relationships, never attached any damn strings, never spoke about my feelings (to not scare them away), yet they’ve managed to hurt me!! They are also huge liars and master manipulators and they aren’t “that” smart either!!!! I know some of you must be reading this and saying that it will not happen to them, but trust me, i use to think the same until it happened over and over again!!!
For over 6 years, I went to various forums and praised the Aquarius man and how they were supposed to be Leo’s best match. I was so god damn WRONG! I feel so stupid for wasting that much time & energy on these bastards! I was totally insane for thinking so highly of Aquarius men.

Leo writing a response essay

leo writing a response essay


leo writing a response essayleo writing a response essayleo writing a response essayleo writing a response essay