Islamist thesis

A particularly flagrant example of academic suppression in a modern Shi‘ite context may be seen in the case of ‘Abdulaziz Sachedina, a prominent Shi‘ite academic, professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, and coauthor of Human Rights and the Conflict of Cultures: Western and Islamic Perspectives on Religious Liberty . [25] In August 1998, Sachedina, who had received complaints from his local Muslim community about his teaching and writing about Islam, held a meeting in Najaf, Iraq, with grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani. In the course of this interview, as recorded in detail by Sachedina, Sistani demanded that he could no longer "express any opinions in matters dealing with Islam, its religion, and its teachings." Prominent among the many theological errors of which Sachedina was accused was his promotion of an irenic, pluralist approach to Judaism and Christianity, which he saw as equals of Islam. [26]

A very good article . I’d liked to have seen you raise the important role that parts of the “anti-war” left have played in propagandizing for the “freedom fighters” in Syria and before that in Libya . Through the leadership roles they often play in anti-war movements such “left” groups have prevented any reprise of the huge demonstrations organised against the invasion of Iraq . In Ireland where I live, one parliamentary representative ,who is a steering committee member of the Irish Anti War Movement , addressed the chamber of the house on December 15 last at the time of the liberation of Aleppo saying : “ Assad’s troops are going house to house butchering anybody left alive”.

Islamist thesis

islamist thesis


islamist thesisislamist thesisislamist thesisislamist thesis