How to draft for an essay

- Keep moving forward. In the drafting stage, it usually isn’t a good idea to stop and go back over what you’ve written. Remember, you’re writing a rough draft. It’s supposed to have imperfections. Some writers feel they can’t move on to the next sentence till they get the current one right. But if you work this way, you risk never getting to that next sentence; you certainly won’t get there quickly. And all that time could be wasted in the end if you find in revision that the sentence you slaved over so long needs to be cut from the piece anyway. So here’s my advice: spend at least 90% of your drafting time moving forward. Save the revising for the step where it belongs.

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How to draft for an essay

how to draft for an essay


how to draft for an essayhow to draft for an essayhow to draft for an essayhow to draft for an essay