How can i motivate myself to do my homework

"My life: Interesting, boring, creative, irrelevant and sometimes foolish. I am courageous, weak, strong, selfish and cooperative. My success is determined by careful planning, wise strategy. Every day I challenge the unlimited with any skills I have. I must succeed even if failure is inevitable.

I strive every day to expect a victory in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. I claim pain, fear, defeat and humiliation as my right. I know that fate and destiny are all words used by people who are too lazy to do the work. I'm trying to achieve perfection although that I know there is no perfection in this world.

I refuse to not stop on my own performance. My commitment is to live with the perfection that is in me. My strength never gives up despite falling to earth. I will get up and start again, reinforced only with courage and determination. I will always remember that all of these are my curse, my hope, my pain, my joy, my triumph, my tragedy, my dream, my nightmare, my excuse and my purpose to reach my GOAL!"
Written in 2014 by Daisy Arie --- Malaysia

I want teachers to be empowered to be physically active, moving around the space, talking and joking, coaching and supporting kids. I want kids talking to each other, providing tips and guidance, and developing their ability to work collaboratively. This is the type of blended learning implementation you walk into and immediately say, "This feels right." It's what I call "United Blended Learning." It creates multiple levels of connections that strengthen relationships among students and teachers, and drives the engagement that motivates all learners.

Just a story if that can tell you what i want to say, once a potter wanted to be rich, very rich as he saw a woodcutter who was getting rich each day, he saw all that guy was doing is working just two hrs a day then sit back and sell his wood throughout the day.
The potter decided to do the same, make a pots for just two hrs and then sit. days passed by he was not getting customers now. He went to ask the woodcutter how he is earning it. The woodcutter said ” my work is only to cut wood, on my way to cut wood, i make sure i have customers already waiting, this way i know the demand and supply”, I am not merely sitting after working for 2 hrs a day.
similarly,motivation videos can keep you motivated when you are working and you need an extra outer motivation, they will not work for you to make you rich.

How can i motivate myself to do my homework

how can i motivate myself to do my homework


how can i motivate myself to do my homeworkhow can i motivate myself to do my homeworkhow can i motivate myself to do my homeworkhow can i motivate myself to do my homework