German history essay questions

I think that the discovery of the chemical weapons was a good and bad discovery for the history of mankind. It was good because there are some chemicals that are used to clean things and others that are used as treatment for health problems. The negative impact of these chemical weapons is much more noticeable because of one main thing, this is death. It caused thousands of deaths throughout all the wars and it is recently still taking people's lives because of the chemicals that these persons had inside their body. If the chemical weapons would not have ever been discovered, maybe the history on which country is more powerful would have changed.

By the 1970s you can hear the influence of Irish groups such as The Chieftains (. in Arthur Watson of the Aberdeenshire group The Gaugers) and Planxty (. George and Billy Jackson of Ossian, or Phil Cunningham of Silly Wizard). The influence of the bagpipe cannot be ignored in Scottish whistle styles, and some pipers have also played whistle in Scottish folk groups: Allan MacLeod (Alba, Tannahill Weavers), Iain MacDonald (Ossian) and Dougie Pincock (Battlefield Band), to name but three. Other notable Scottish whistle players include the late Tony Cuffe (Alba, Jock Tamson's Bairns, Ossian), Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band), Rory Campbell (Old Blind Dogs), Roy Williamson (The Corries) and the piper Gordon Duncan.

German history essay questions

german history essay questions


german history essay questionsgerman history essay questionsgerman history essay questionsgerman history essay questions