Essays on genograms

● Using the family genogram data, construct an ecomap of the family depicting how the family interacts with community resources/entities/agencies to meet the family’s needs. Make note of any family need that cannot be met in the community, as this information will be needed in your next assignment.
● Instructions on completing an ecomap are provided in this link.
● An interactive example of ecomap construction is provided in this link
● The attached template link to ecomap file can help you create your own ecomap.
● Once you have completed your ecomap be sure to provide statistical data about your community, such as population, socioeconomic data, and disease prevalence/incidence data. You can find data through Healthy People 2020, the CDC, the US Census Bureau, and the National Vital Statistics System. The statistical data along with the observational data from your windshield survey and the outline of the community assessment process presented in Week 4 will constitute a mini-community assessment. Your next two assignments (in Weeks 6 and 8) will be constructed from these materials.

We at WonderWare, Inc. believe that Bowen's and others' systems theories of family relatedness are indeed consistent with the universe conceived by Albert Einstein and described by his Theory of Relativity. Whether in the physical/mathematical realm explored by Einstein, or emotional/biological realm explored by Bowen, both theories describe the same essential truth and paradigm shift. They guide us on an infinite journey of discovery and rediscovery: that relativity in process, in inseparable and eternally inter- related spacetime, creates and sustains all reality and that no reality exists without the interconnected yet unique relational processes of events in time described by relativity. We believe this is especially wondrous, universal and awe-inspiring in the human environment of the human family, which is itself the ongoing tree of many, many generations of relatives living in time, hence, the name for our genogram software.

Essays on genograms

essays on genograms


essays on genogramsessays on genogramsessays on genogramsessays on genograms