Essay on desdemona from othello

His smoldering rage now beginning to bubble over, Othello tells Iago to kill Cassio and then angrily confronts Desdemona. In spite of Desdemona's protests of innocence (backed up by Iago's wife, Emilia), Othello is now convinced of her infidelity with Cassio. Iago, meanwhile, has Roderigo attempt to murder Cassio; when Roderigo fails to do more than wound the soldier, Iago slays him so that Roderigo can't implicate him in the affair. Othello strangles Desdemona in her bed. When Emilia discovers the crime, she decries the Moor as a villain and at first refuses to believe that Iago has so evilly manipulated Othello. However, Iago's appearance and subsequent answers lead Emilia to confront the fact that her husband is responsible for this tragedy. When Iago cannot keep Emilia from telling the truth about the handkerchief, he stabs her and attempts to escape; not only is he captured, but letters found on Roderigo's body thoroughly implicate Iago as the treacherous villain that he is. Faced with the shame of having murdered an innocent Desdemona, Othello stabs himself in front of Cassio and dies on Desdemona's bed, beside her.

Through analysing this play, one can come to understand the dangers of racial injustice in relationships, especially in the relationship of Othello and Desdemona and the setting of the play, thus the conventions of the time. Othello is therefore the victim of the pervasive social stereotypes which definitely and certainly lead to his downfall and fall from grace. The fact that many saw the relationship of Othello and Desdemona containing the elements of tragedy is very true within the context of the Venetian [setting] and Elizabethan [audience] societies, as outlined above. The alternate view is also true in that the relationship has many merits, but unfortunately, far too many flaws and obstacles in the path of the relationship from flourishing and growing, rather it died a rather rotten and horrid death.

Essay on desdemona from othello

essay on desdemona from othello


essay on desdemona from othelloessay on desdemona from othelloessay on desdemona from othelloessay on desdemona from othello