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The point here is that without some stabilizing tools, a feel for the primal empty chaos is useless or even harmful in everyday life. The void is a bunch of nothingness and non-determinancy. Roiling spacetime. Strong discernment and ego boundaries can turn it from a mind-scramble into a source of ideas and freedom. I’ve had extremely good guidance and extremely sound methodologies for practice; probably I’d be terrified by the vortex without those supports. Even with those supports, the worldly vacuum of power and logic that’s upon us does scare me. I have to remind myself that this new chaos, too, can be navigated. C

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office tweeted a confirmation that one man was arrested for “attempting to vote a second time.”  The man claimed that he worked for the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and was “testing the system.” The man’s arrest comes more than a week after Trump supporter Terri Lynn Rote was arrested in Iowa, suspected of attempting to vote twice in the presidential election. Rote claimed the polls are “rigged,” echoing claims made by Trump throughout his campaign. — Lucy Westcott, Tuesday, 8:45pm ET 

Dissertation seat cushion comfort

dissertation seat cushion comfort


dissertation seat cushion comfortdissertation seat cushion comfortdissertation seat cushion comfort