Dependent on computers essay

Tucker’s hostility to scientific approaches is more understandable, given that his graduate training was in theater rather than a social science. Perhaps that is also why Tucker’s book reminds me so much of The Music Man. Tucker is like “Professor” Harold Hill come to town to sell us a bill of goods. His expertise is self-appointed, and his method, the equivalent of “the think system,” is obvious quackery. And the Gates Foundation, which has for some reason backed Tucker and his organization with millions of dollars, must be playing the residents of River City, because they have bought this pitch and are pouring their savings into a band that can never play music except in a fantasy finale.

However, the usage of computer facilities has also its shortcomings. It is essential to understand that electronics can save, storage, and revise the information. But a person is always required to control all these operations. I am inclined to believe that no artificial intelligence can challenge human brain. Furthermore, there are such spheres of live, where no success can be achieved with the help of computers only. Those are areas that deal with feelings, talents, and communication. Its is clear that no work of art can be created by a machine. Furthermore, emotions can only be received through face-to-face dialogue by using body language, facial expressions, and speech intonations, which means that computers can not completely take the place of a person in such areas as teaching and journalism.

Dependent on computers essay

dependent on computers essay


dependent on computers essaydependent on computers essaydependent on computers essaydependent on computers essay