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write . writan "to score, outline, draw the figure of," later "to set down in writing" (class I strong verb; past tense wrat, pp. writen), from . *writanan "tear, scratch" (cf. writa "to write," . writan "to tear, scratch, write," . rita "write, scratch, outline," . rizan "to write, scratch, tear," Ger. reißen "to tear, pull, tug, sketch, draw, design"), outside connections doubtful. Words for "write" in most languages originally mean "carve, scratch, cut" (cf. L. scribere, Gk. grapho, Skt. rikh-); a few originally meant "paint" (cf. Goth. meljan, . pisati, ... and most of the modern Slavic cognates)."For men use to write an evill turne in marble stone, but a good turne in the dust." [More, 1513]To write (something) off (1682) originally was from accounting; fig. sense is recorded from 1889. Write-in "unlisted candidate" is recorded from 1932.

After-School Tutoring & Writing -  APPLY HERE
Students in grades 1-8 receive homework help and specialized support on creative writing projects. Twice a year, students' poems and stories are published in chapbooks and celebrated at community potlucks.  Begins Monday, September 11th at 826CHI.

Field Trips  -  APPLY HERE
Classroom teachers grades 1-12: Bring your class to our writing lab in Wicker Park for an engaging creative writing workshop. Choose from a variety of lessons, including STEM, Memoir, Storytelling & Bookmaking, and Images & Imagination.  Begins in October at 826CHI. 

In-School / Community Partnerships  -  APPLY HERE
Classroom teachers grades 1-12 and community leaders across the city: Our team of educators and writing coaches wants to visit your classroom/community center and deep-dive into a writing project you're excited about!  Begins in October all across the city.

Teen Writers Studio  -  APPLY HERE
In this yearlong workshop, high schoolers develop their personal writing styles, learn from professional authors of multiple genres, and give back to 826CHI by volunteering with our other programs. At the end of the year, students' work is published in a chapbook and shared with the community.  Begins Monday, September 18th at 826CHI. 

Compendium writing service

compendium writing service


compendium writing servicecompendium writing servicecompendium writing servicecompendium writing service