Clinical research topics thesis

Market Potential
Clinical Research sector is booming day by day and in this perspective of globalization the demand of Clinical Research Professional has increased tremendously. A profession in Clinical Research is among the top ten millennium professions according to a recent US survey. The size of the Clinical Research market in India is growing at 40% and is estimated to grow to around US$ billion. According to a Survey the country would needs around 2, 00,000 professionals in the Clinical Research industry in the coming years. In order to cater to the need, ICBio offers different skill development program which is primarily targeted towards executing all the job functions of a Contract/Clinical Research Organization.

Career Prospects
Professional career prospects in Clinical Research include either in Pharmaceutical or Bio Tech industry, CRO (Contract Research Organization) or SMO (Site Management Organization) or Hospitals (Sites) conducting clinical trials . The designation includes the functions of Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trial Analyst/Research Scientist, Clinical Data Coordinator, Regulatory Affairs Manager , Clinical Project Manager, Medical Writer , QA/QC Associate, Data Manager / Biostatistician , Drug Safety Associate , Business Development Manager. The students from Medical or allied Health sciences background has prospects of growing as Investigator or Pharmacist with lucrative salaries and excellent growth prospects.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is amending the current informed consent regulations (21 CFR Part 50) to require that informed consent documents and processes for applicable drug (including biological products) and device clinical trials include a specific statement that clinical trial information will be entered into a databank. The databank referred to in this final rule is the clinical trial registry databank maintained by the National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) which was created by statute. The submission of clinical trial information to this data bank also is required by statute. This amendment to the informed consent regulations is required by the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA) and is designed to promote transparency of clinical research to participants and patients.

Executing clinical research requires many skills. Communication skills are undoubtly considered as the most essential competencies in the clinical research arena. Regretfully, these are also the ones which are very often overlooked when it comes to training. At ECCRT we realize this GAP and offer a wide range of communication trainings. Ranging from basic communication and presentation techniques, you will find here topics such as intercultural communication, remote communication: all vital aspects for running clinical trials nowadays.

Clinical research topics thesis

clinical research topics thesis


clinical research topics thesisclinical research topics thesisclinical research topics thesisclinical research topics thesis