Chocolate milk argument essay

Possibly the best advantage that chocolate provides in the battle against Lyme is that it is a natural analgesic (Schmidt). It is considered a gentle and natural way to relieve pain, mimicking the effects of aspirin or ibuprofin without the mild corrosion of the digestive tract. Antioxidants One of the benefits of chocolate most frequently advertised is it's high antioxidant content. These are especially good for Lyme patients. Because of the large amounts of toxins dying bacteria release the system, it is essential for patients to detox. Pure chocolate is a delicious and effective option because "cacao has almost twice the antioxidants of red wine and three times that of green tea" ("Cacao...") The type of antioxidants contained in chocolate, which are called flavonols, are also believed to help prevent heart disease (Robbins).

If you want to add wipped cream or an egg or something like that, add the vanilla to this extra ingredient, whisk, and add after cooking.
An egg makes a lot of difference, the texture is even silkier, and it cancels out the use of fatfree milk :)
I have a very similar recipe for vanilla or almond pudding and always use fatfree milk and an egg, I simply love it that way.
Oh but with an egg, you wouldn’t want to try the 3 days version – better eat it the same day. It also tastes wonderfull directly from the stove!

"Sweet" and "salty" soy milk are both traditional Chinese breakfast foods, served either hot or cold, usually accompanied by breads like mantou (steamed rolls), youtiao (deep-fried dough), and shaobing (sesame flatbread). The soy beverage is typically sweetened by adding cane sugar or, sometimes, simple syrup . "Salty" soy milk is made with a combination of chopped pickled mustard greens, dried shrimp and, for curdling, vinegar, garnished with youtiao croutons , chopped scallion (spring onions), cilantro (coriander), meat floss ( 肉鬆 ; ròusōng ), or shallot as well as sesame oil, soy sauce, chili oil or salt to taste. Soy milk is used in many kinds of Japanese cuisine , such as in making yuba as well as sometimes a base soup for nabemono . In Korean cuisine , soy milk is used as a soup for making kongguksu , cold noodle soup eaten mostly in summer.

Chocolate milk argument essay

chocolate milk argument essay


chocolate milk argument essaychocolate milk argument essaychocolate milk argument essaychocolate milk argument essay