Boomslang essay

The author of the article is very keen on the science being the panacea for all our ills. She is basically falling into the desperate trap of believing that science will save us all from the worst of our own habits, so she does not mention the competing ideas of infrastructure (water pipelines), desalination using Green Energy, or even the ‘radical’ idea of our species reducing our own population. Of course, I realise this article is a digest, not a paper in itself, so perhaps I might lower my expectations, except that everything surrounding Climate Change is so desperately important, it seems almost criminal not mentioning parallel (not necessarily competing) tracks of development.

Sighing, she glanced over at Harry and realized that few people would probably actually take Defense if they knew Snape were to be teaching it. Though, there would surely have been more Slytherin participation in the course. As it was now, there was only one Slytherin student enrolled in their class – Tracey Davis. As Slytherins went, Tracey was probably Hermione's favorite. She was quiet, studious, and kept to herself. She had backed up her Housemates' stories a time or two, but never had been one to start a fight or make any comments. Surprisingly enough, she had never been heard spewing blood-purity rubbish or mouthing off about Harry – or even Gryffindors, in general.

Boomslang essay

boomslang essay


boomslang essayboomslang essayboomslang essayboomslang essay