Appreciate the things you have essay

Can your continued cooperation net you something more out of the deal?
— Can the producer or her colleagues help you with finding an agent or a manager? With introductions to other producers who might be interested in your other properties, or provide writing assignments? If they believe in you enough to hang onto your script and put so much into it, they should feel comfortable giving you introductions.
— Are you getting a fair percentage of sales price for your options? If not, and they want your script bad enough, negotiate a better percentage of sale price for this extension.

I love the article, but one thing stood out to and for me. It was the use of the “Kanye West” comment. No less in a subject regarding avoiding comparisons. I was wondering if you personally know Kanye West or if you are using his persona as a way to create a laugh response? Or was the comment made in judgement on the way you see him? I was just curious. I like the bullet points! I like to add to that avoiding criticism and judgment of others. I think when I do that, I am not judging them I am appearing as one who thinks he can judge. That my friend, I am in no position to do! Have a beautiful day!

Wow Destiny, this is perhaps one of the most short sighted things I have read in a while. I do not say that to be mean, but wow. I know that pastors can seem like they are well compensated because of the scandals and TV programs out there, but the reality is, and you can research this if you want, Pastors are consistently the least paid position for the amount of education they desire. For example, I have 11 years of school, and have never had a dime of help from the church to pay for it, though they benefit from it regularly. Also, when I applied for benefits, I found out that I am in the 212% of poverty for my town. And I live in a pretty blue collar town- and I am making more than I have ever made in ministry. We have a part time staff that is raising a family of 6 for 36K per year. I guarantee that is far beyond your lifestyle. So, no, we are not entitled. But most of us are educated to the degree that we could make way more in any other field. Not to mention all of the areas of compensation we are not given. I do not have a retirement fund, life insurance, and have the cheapest health insurance possible. I have driven cars that break down my whole life, and have a growing family. I am the lowest paid family my size in my congregation by at least 30K per year, yet have the second most time spent in education, and have 13 years experience in my job. Is that fair?

Appreciate the things you have essay

appreciate the things you have essay


appreciate the things you have essayappreciate the things you have essayappreciate the things you have essayappreciate the things you have essay