Appology essay

Neven, number 53, you have to stick up for yourself so your wife can respect you. When she asks you who the hell you are, reply back: "I am a human being, created in the image of G-d." When she says it's "...only you, not me," ask her as follows: Why are you getting upset for? I'm not getting upset. When she says, "Why should I help you?" Answer as follows, "You married me because you loved me. If you don't love me, please let me know." The key to winning every argument is NEVER GET UPSET AND NEVER RAISE YOUR VOICE. ALWAYS SPEAK CALMLY. RESPOND TO EVERY ARGUMENT BY TALKING SOFTLY. Tell yourself that you are a person, and you were created in the image of G-d. Finally, when your wife tells you that she can take care of the children herself, ask her (calmly) if that's what she wants.

Dear sir,
This is to bring to your notice about the plight of people travelling on public buses from our locality.
firstly , none of yours bus stops near our locality at office hours even though most of the people board these buses every day for there are no air conditioned buse running through our locality
This has been cauing a much inconvenience as everyday people have to run to next bus stop and fight to get a seat. with summer temperature at its peak it really become uncomfortable for elderly and childerns to travel in these buses
I was wondering if it would be possible to add some ac buses from our area andif the management could ask driver to stop buses near our area.
hope you will resolve these issues at the earliest
yours faithfully

Appology essay

appology essay


appology essayappology essayappology essayappology essay