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Thirty-seven years after the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing which killed four young girls in Birmingham, the FBI released the name of four men—self-proclaimed Cahaba Boys, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan—responsible for the dynamite attack: Robert Chambliss, Herman Cash, Thomas Blanton and Bobby Cherry. Cash died in 1994; Blanton and Cherry were tried and convicted in 2001 and 2002 respectively (Cherry died in prison in 2004). Chambliss, originally charged alone, was acquitted of murder in 1963, but was sentenced to life in prison when the case was reopened in 1977. He died in prison in 1985.

Keep close watch on your rabbit’s food and water consumption, as well as output, until back to normal. If normal eating or drinking does not return after a few days consult your vet. Also, if your rabbit’s eating begins to return to normal then lessens, consult your vet immediately. This can be a sign of infection, hernia or adhesion formation, and needs prompt medical intervention. Check the incision daily for a week or until non-dissolvable sutures/staples are removed. When your rabbit was discharged you should have been provided with information on incision care—any unusual redness, swelling, warmth, discharge or odor needs to be brought to the vet’s attention. If intradermal sutures were used, you may notice small lumps under the skin. These are probably the normal suture knots and will dissolve over several weeks. If your rabbit licks excessively, to the point of opening up the incision, your vet may need to put the rabbit under anesthesia and re-close the area. If intradermal sutures were not used the first time, ask your vet to use them when re-suturing. Some vets will use an Elizabethan collar (e-collar) to prevent further irritation of the area. Rabbits do not tolerate these collars well and may refuse to eat while they are on. In order for your rabbit to eat, you may need to remove the collar for a while, in which case you will need to monitor your rabbit constantly. Your vet may have alternate ways of keeping a rabbit from excessively licking its incision – some have used tube socks rolled up and fastened around the neck or cut pantyhose legs or socks to form a tube-like body stocking over the rabbit torso and abdomen.

Alabama homework help line

alabama homework help line


alabama homework help linealabama homework help linealabama homework help linealabama homework help line